Kettlebells made SIMPLE for Busy Women: A Roadmap for Taking the Fear and Intimidation out of Kettlebell Training

Are you confused about kettlebells?


Large Blog ImageAre you curious to know what all the buzz is about?


If kettlebell training seems out of your comfort zone, keep reading! I offer an approachable way to begin using kettlebells.
If you regularly workout at a gym, you may have seen a few kettlebells off in the corner.  You may have wondered:
What are they for?
How are they used?
What's the big deal with kettlebells anyway?


I'm here to take the confusion away!

 What You Should Know About Simply Kettlebells


When we desire to learn a new fitness skill, we often feel the need to enroll in the latest class or maybe even hire a personal trainer at our local gym.  But, with Simply Kettlebells, I introduce you to kettlebell training in a convenient, affordable way!

Using kettlebells can truly give you the most BANG FOR YOUR BUCK over any other strength training tool. This is one of the reasons I created Simply Kettlebells!

  • Simply Kettlebells is an 8 week DIY (do it yourself) program.
  • It introduces you to the basics of kettlebell traininglaptop.coffee
  • It's exclusively and conveniently delivered online!
  • You will learn 10 basic kettlebell exercises and their variations- including the swing, goblet squat, Turkish Get Up, military press, and more.
  • Workouts include core and bodyweight exercises as well.
  • The exercise programming consists of 2-3 workouts each week.
  • A short video demonstration is provided for every exercise.
  • All workouts are full body workouts in 20 minutes or less
  • Simply Kettlebells utilizes the signature exercise model from Metabolic Effect known as Rest Based Training for an increased metabolic boost as well as time efficient workouts!

These "time efficient workouts" give BUSY MOMS the tools they need to take away the "I don't have enough time" excuse.  With Simply Kettlebells, you do not need more than 20 minutes, 2-3 times a week! No more getting ready, driving 15 minutes to the gym, dropping the kids at the gym daycare, then working out for an hour, just to drive back home in order to start your busy day.


Just think of the time and money saved by working out at home!


Jill Jacobs is the best in the industry at making kettlebell training – something typically thought of as scary and for only advanced exercisers – accessible and easy to get into for anyone, even beginners. Her expertise, experience and empathetic coaching style makes her programs superior in value AND effectiveness. Simply Kettlebells is a game-changer.

Jill Coleman, MS Jill Coleman, MS
Co-founder of Metabolic Effect, Inc, and the owner of JillFit Physiques, a health and wellness brand, with a unique focus on mindset

 What's included?

  • 8 weeks of exercise programming using kettlebell movements, bodyweight exercises, and core work for full body training
  • A progressive introduction to kettlebell exercises and their variations
  • Video demonstrations for each exercise
  • Workouts that utilize Metabolic Effect's signature exercise method of Rest Based Training
  • Access to my personal library of kettlebell resources (including what size kettlebell to purchase)
  • Weekly informational emails throughout the 8 weeks

What's NOT included?

I wanted to create an affordable DIY program for those who desire to learn more about kettlebell training but are unable to afford a personal trainer or one-on-one online coaching.  Although this program provides 8 weeks of workouts, it is a do-it-yourself model. If you feel that you require a customized program or have the need for accountability from a coach, this is not the program for you.



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Simply Kettlebells is for you if:

  • You are new to kettlebell training OR are new to working out in general
  • You are willing to commit to working out with kettlebells 2-3 times each week for 8 weeks either at home or the gym
  • You've been intimidated by kettlebells and want a program that isn't "scary" or intimidating to start
  • You like the idea of ONE simple tool (along with your own bodyweight) to get results
  • You want to improve your power and strength
  • You want to build lean, toned muscles for a feminine, curvy look including the infamous kettle "booty"
  • You want to lose body fat and have a leaner physique
  • You are busy and have minimal time that you can commit to working out
  • You like having the flexibility to work out at home in your jammies, at the playground with your kids, on the beach, or even at the gym

Simply Kettlebells is NOT for you if:

  • You are someone who is looking for an individualized program designed specifically for you
  • You are someone who needs daily accountability from a coach
  • You are someone who is NOT interested in strength training to build lean muscle tissue
  • You are someone who doesn't have access to a kettlebell and aren't planning to purchase one
  • You are someone who is already advanced in your kettlebell training with an HKC, RKC, or Strong First coach

Jill Jacobs HKC, ME-NC, ME-CPT

Jill Jacobs

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

I am Jill Jacobs. I am a mom to 2 boys ages 8 and 13 and wife of 22 years to David. I live a busy life like most women do in 2014. I've figured out a way to make FITNESS and HEALTH a lifestyle and want to share how I did so with as many women as possible!

I went from being overweight and frumpy to healthy and fit over the last 6 years. This change in me was thanks to exercising and changing the way I was eating. My results were taken to the NEXT LEVEL when kettlebells entered my life!

THAT is why I created Simply Kettlebells.

After training with kettlebells for a year and a half, I worked to complete my Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification through Dragon Door (the gold standard in kettlebell certifications). Once certified, I continued my education by getting certified as a Nutrition Consultant and Personal Trainer through Metabolic Effect. In the Simply Kettlebell Program, I combine the fat burning and muscle building power of the kettlebell with the intensity of Rest Based Training for increased metabolic potential and amazing results!

My fitness level progressed from "just average" to "advanced" using kettlebells. The power and strength I gained through utilizing kettlebells, helped me to accomplish one of my major fitness goals- multiple sets of pull-ups for reps. My glutes and hammies got so much stronger, and I even shaved almost 7 minutes off my 5k time!

Take it from me, kettlebell training can do AMAZING things for your fitness level, your body, and your confidence!


Jill walks the walk and talks the talk. I trained alongside Jill as she used kettlebells and her nutrition plan to change her body. I was partnered with Jill when she aced her HKC kettlebell certification. She is a patient and efficient trainer who makes workouts as fun and effective as possible! 


How is this program delivered?


(IMPORTANT: Please read this!)


Upon purchase, you will receive an email from me asking you to opt-in to an email list.  Click the link in the email to CONFIRM your email address so that your subscription will be approved. This will allow you to receive emails from me. Within 24 hours of confirmation,  you will receive access to the program.


The first email will contain directions on how to log in to the online portal and access your content.


You will receive subsequent, weekly "support emails" for 8 weeks.


Any questions about the program or any issues you encounter when getting started can be directed to me at jill@jilljacobs.me. 🙂


Check Out What Other Women Are Saying About Kettlebell Training and Working With Me

Exercise is an integral part of my life because it relieves stress and gives me the necessary energy required to keep up with my family, but for years I struggled to find any fitness practice that fit in my busy schedule and genuinely inspired me. In Simply Kettlebells, I found an exercise program that worked with my busy schedule while inspiring me and increasing my whole body strength.

Shortly after beginning to use Jill Jacobs' Simply Kettlebells I found myself feeling stronger AND looking forward to my next workout. I began to love exercise and muscle that I was building. The workouts are efficiently intense, so that in 30 minutes or less I was feeling strong, accomplished, and energized for rest of my day. After a few weeks of using Simply Kettlebells, my husband said he wanted to try it and now he loves kettlebells too.

Anyone that is considering using Simply Kettlebells should know that it's addictive and you might find yourself purchasing more and more kettlebells. In fact, after following Jill's program for a year, I have decided to train for a Russian Kettlebell certification myself so that I too can help people experience that joys and fitness benefits of kettlebells.

One of the best things about Simply Kettlebells is that Jill provides easy-to-follow demonstration videos and form cues that makes it possible for anyone to learn to use kettlebells. The workouts are efficient and you will increase your whole body strength by working out 2-3 times a week for 30 minutes at a time.

Sarah Smith Sarah Smith
Part-time business ownerer, Full-time mom of 3 energetic boys

The convenience of kettlebells is unmatched. It's one tool that I can use at home, take to the park, or even take on vacation! The workouts are challenging and work to both burn fat and build muscle. What more could you ask for?!

Ali Freeman Ali Freeman

From the 1st workout with Kettlebells, I noticed a difference in my body’s reaction as I have used dumbbells previously. Having to “Live Life in the Fast Lane” I love combining the aerobic exercise with weight & strength training that requires skill & technique! I call it my BRAIN workout, due to having to actively concentrate through my routine! Kettlebells ROCK!

Melissa Latimer Melissa Latimer

Since being a part of Jill Jacobs' Lifestyle Coaching Club, I have been able to gain strength and self confidence. I love the kettlebell workouts because they are a fun way to use heavy weight, get stronger, and become more toned!

Jennifer Osborne, ME-NC, ME-CPT Jennifer Osborne, ME-NC, ME-CPT

Join Women Across the Globe Using Simply Kettlebells!

I invite YOU to find out the POWER and SIMPLICITY of kettlebell training through Simply Kettlebells!

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10% of all sales from "Simply Kettlebells" will go to help drill wells in communities that do not have clean water. All donations to this cause are MATCHED by a grant! Therefore, for each sale, nearly $8 will be donated to help provide clean water to people in need of safe drinking water. Click HERE to find out more about CRF and their clean water program.